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ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy focuses on developing functional skills necessary for your child to experience the world independently.

  • Socially Significant Behavior Guidance

    Teaches vital life skills to enhance your child’s everyday life. The individualized programs help advance important abilities such as social skills, communication, daily living, self-care, and others.

  • Parent and Caregiver Support

    Provides support for parents and caregivers by offering weekly discussions advising on strategies and coping techniques for difficult situations.

  • Communication Skills Development

    Helps your child find their voice and learn to understand social situations, express their likes and dislikes, respond appropriately during conversations, and continually expand their repertoire to new settings and opportunities.

  • Independent Capabality Advancement

    Guides your child to move independently through the world by learning important abilities for home and community activities.

  • Behavior Replacement

    Substituting maladaptive behaviors with effective communication strategies so your child can flourish even more in their daily life.

  • Team Collaboration

    Promotes a well-rounded treatment approach via a seamless collaboration with the child’s family, school staff, doctors, and advocates.


Psychotherapy services improve your child’s health, self-expression, and decision-making abilities.

  • Group Therapy Services

    Offers your child a group of peers where they can share their respective thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Helps your child change their thinking patterns so they can recognize distortions, biases, and blocks that are obstacles.

  • Art Therapy

    A creative practice that helps your child explore, reduce, and navigate negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Psychotherapy

    Gives your child or teen an outlet and source of advice that can help them address negative feelings and experiences.

  • Parent Sessions

    Increases your understanding by teaching you about your child’s norms and experience.

  • Trauma Therapy

    Helps your child explore and navigate the mental and emotional impacts of trauma.

  • EMDR

    Helps kids detangle and process emotionally charged memories through their own rapid, rhythmic eye movements.

  • Play Therapy

    Helps your child explore their thoughts and feelings through play, sand, music, and other mediums.

  • Sand Play Therapy

    A nonverbal technique that helps your child communicate their thoughts and feelings through creative play.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy helps your child achieve greater independence in performing everyday activities, improving their motor, cognitive, sensory processing, and play skills.

  • Core Strengthening/Balance

    Builds your child’s inner and outer core muscles for better balance and movement.

  • Reflex Integration

    Develops your child’s reflexes with neurodevelopmental techniques and tools for optimal functioning.

  • Self Regulation

    Helps your child learn to understand, manage, and improve their behavior and reactions so they can achieve independence.

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

    Helps your child strengthen large and small muscle movements in order to build better form and motor skills.

  • Sensory Integration

    Improves your child’s ability to perceive, organize, and respond to stimuli from their 5 senses through activities.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy will help your child understand and express themselves effectively so that they can participate in social interactions with confidence at home, at school, and in the world at large.

  • Language

    Expands your child’s vocabulary, improves sentence formulation skills, and boosts comprehension.

  • Articulation

    Improves the articulation and pronunciation of all speech sounds so that your child can speak clearly and be understood in all social settings.

  • Stuttering Therapy

    Decreases severity and frequency of disfluencies and anxiety associated with negative speaking experiences. Provides direct and parental support to facilitate confidence in your child’s ability to speak in all social situations.

  • Auditory Processing

    Helps your child follow multiple-step directions and comprehend complex spoken language.

  • Feeding Therapy

    Decreases sensory sensitivities and negative behavior patterns associated with eating, helping your child eat a variety of foods independently, maintain healthy weight gain, and improve their growth and development.

  • Oral Motor

    Builds oral muscle strength and stability in your child’s mouth to support functional oral motor activities like chewing, swallowing, and saliva maintenance.

  • Social Pragmatic

    Teaches your child how to understand the intent of the speaker and respond using appropriate language in social situations.

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